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At Royal Rack Ranch we dedicate ourselves to maintaining our property to top notch standards, for both the hunters and the deer herd. With miles of groomed trails, hunters will have the opportunity to access and hunt multiple different habitats for their trophy deer. From seeing dozens of deer sitting out in the open fields, to going after the evasive mature buck in the deep swamps, hunters can have a little taste of everything. 


There are a dozen box blinds strategically located around the property in addition to multiple tree stands for those who wish to immerse themselves in the Northern Michigan woods. You dream up the hunting method and we will happily accommodate and make it happen. 

The lodge sits on 1,500 acres of high-fenced paradise. The majority of the hunts for bucks within the 130-220" class will be on this section of land. Just 10 miles to the West is an additional 400 acres of pristine whitetail habitat, where hunters chasing a 220-300+" may spend some time hunting.

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