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Jim Bernardin & Guide Jon Adolph (Yoder)

Several of my buddies and I just concluded our hunt with Royal Rack Ranch. I was skeptical about a "ranch" hunt but my friends wanted to do it so I went along. My skepticism is no longer an issue, at least with Royal Rack Ranch. The property consists of 2000 acres of hardwood ridges, cedar swamps  spruce bogs, fields and patch woods, all ideal whitetail habitat. You do not see any fences and the deer are wild and act exactly as any good whitetail should; that is, elusive and wary. It took me 4 days to finally take my buck after he gave us the slip numerous times. I have been a professional hunting guide for over 20 years and have been privileged to hunt throughout North America. The experience at Royal Rack Ranch was one of my best hunting experiences ever. The property, lodging, deer and staff are first class. We're going back next year. I cannot say enough good things about the team and their operation. 


-Jim Bernardin 

Licensed Wyoming Guide 

Wapiti Wyoming 

Sean Miller 

I have been to over 15 different hunting camps over the years, but nothing has compared to the experience we had at Royal Rack Ranch.  First off this was my first high fence hunt and quite frankly I was on the fence about this sort of hunt, my own misconceptions and personal bias were that all high fence hunts were pre-packaged meat in the box type hunts and I have no doubt that some of these high fence hunts are just that. However, Royal Rack Ranch is anything but that. The only way you know this is a high fence hunt is that when you come to the camp you see a fence as you are greeted by the owners and staff, other than that you would never know you are on a high fence camp. An example was that we went on an hour-long property tour over the 22 miles of trails, and we never saw a fence… EVER!  


Hunting- Each day, we probably saw 15-30 deer each day, some were monsters that were hard to pass up, but I was on a mission to hunt according to the package I selected, you sit with a guide that knows their stuff on scoring racks, deer like behavior, and they give you the yes or no if a deer is in your package class.


Accommodations- I was hunting with my dad and we had a suite that featured a full kitchen (not that we needed it) two bedrooms with king sized beds with bathrooms attached. We also had our own living room. It was the most amazing lodge room I ever have been at!

Food- I used to think my wife was a good cook, then I had Brian’s cooking, he ruined me for every other hunting camp and possibly some of my wife’s cooking! The meals were well balanced, unique, and always cooked to perfection.


Atmosphere- the general lodge atmosphere was great everyone was kind, excited to see you and excited for you to be there getting exactly what you wanted, the lodge has a huge game room and while I didn’t use it seemed like it would not be hard to find someone to play a game with.  Conversations with the owners and guides were great, everyone was easy to talk to and seemed genuinely interested in you and what you had to say.


Overall- This was an amazing hunt, it challenged me in ways I did not expect, the constant deer movement was great, and just seeing some of the monster bucks were amazing- bring a decent camera!  For a hunt I did not expect to like I was very wrong, and we have already booked for next year, I would recommend this hunt as it is challenging, the number of blinds allow for you to get a deer regardless of physical condition, and the food is amazing!


-Sean Miller

Hello everyone, I just wanted to reach out to all you at Royal Rack Ranch and thank you for the opportunity to hunt and harvest a buck of a lifetime, the accommodations are top notch along with amazing meals, my guide was amazing and he put me on an amazing buck, we also were able to see a number of other great bucks we passed on during our hunt until we were able to find our target buck, absolutely would recommend RRR to anyone who wants the same incredible experience I had, I have made some new friends for life with this hunt, thanks so much to the RRR family


-Craig Potter 

Craig Potter

We had a fantastic time! The lodge is amazing. The hospitality was on point! They make you feel like you’ve been friends forever. The deer on the ranch were great and the hunt was everything you could hope for. We had a great time beating the Stevens brothers at foosball can’t wait to do it again in the 2022! 


- Dale and Tina P

Tina and Dale P.

Royal Rack Ranch is truly a once in a lifetime experience. The staff works very hard to ensure your experience is just that. The lodge is spectacular and the suites are immaculate and very cozy. The staff members are very professional and knowledgeable of deer management and deer behavior. The meals are outstanding. I have hunted this Ranch 3 separate times and each time the staff went above and beyond to ensure each time was like the first time there. 


- Curt Kitts 

Curt Kitts

Royal Hunt

Jamie Herring

Didn’t think I would be able to top the experience I had during my 2020 hunt at Royal Rack Ranch; until my 2021 hunt rolled around. Just booked 2022 (note to self, don’t forget to tell wife). If you are looking for a first-class hunt, look no further. The crew at Royal Rack Ranch delivers. It is obvious from the time you arrive that the team has put so much time and effort into providing you with an experience you won’t forget (the mounts on the wall are pretty good reminders too). The quality of care and management that goes into the herd is amazing – if you don’t get the beast you were after, it was because you missed. You want a typical or non-typical? You want to take a wall-hanger with a gun or a bow? You want to spot and stalk or hunt from a blind? You want a monster 250+ whitetail or 400+ bull elk? From the Lodge to your choice of terrain on the 2000 acres, the entire property is amazing. Matt put me on 2 gorgeous bucks that I am extremely proud of – neither were easy, they both made us work. I also gained 10lbs from Bryan’s cooking (all muscle mass of course). Chuck, Matt, Brian, Joe, Yoder – all true professionals and very knowledgeable and passionate about what they do. This is now a tradition – Royal Rack provides the true nostalgic “hunt-camp” experience I was after. Thanks Gents, and can’t wait to see you again soon!


- Jamie Herring

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