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  • What is included in the hunt fee?
    - Harvest - 1:1 or 2:1 guided hunts - 3 nights stay in Lodge - Meals/Beverages - Fishing (catch and release) - Field dressing Not incuded: - Gratituity for staff (10-20%) - Skinning/Caping and quartering (Extra $100) - Deboning (Extra $75) - Meat processing - Taxidermy - Associated shipping fees - Non-hunting guests
  • What should I bring with me?
    - Weather appropriate attire - Two pair of boots (one should be rubber "muck" boots) - Binoculars (if you do not have the guides can share theirs) - Fishing gear (stocked pond outback of Lodge) - Weapon of choice (if rifle, bring extra rounds for sighting) - Cooler if you wish to transport your game meat back with you
  • Can I bring my family?
    We welcome all hunters and their families/friends. The more the merrier when it comes to sharing in the Royal Rack Ranch experience. A doe hunt is always a great way to introduce the family to the hunting tradition. Accommodation Cost: Non-hunting adult guest - $250/night. Non-hunting children 15 years and younger - $125/night.
  • Is my hunt guaranteed?
    Given the size of the property the harvest is not guaranteed the first time you go out. However the odds are in your favor of harvesting the buck of a lifetime. We have had 100% harvest success rate. We offer 100% opportunity on animals in the Hunter's booked class. If an animal in the class does not present itself within the alloted hunting time frame, the hunter may choose to use existing deposit and reschedule for the following season.
  • How is a high fence ranch fair chase?
    We are considered a fair chase hunting preserve becuase of the way we hunt the animals in their natural environment. With just under 2,000 acres of property, these deer can maintain their standard core areas, and extended rutting areas, without ever noticing a fence. The fence is only used as a management tool to allow us to control the genetics of our Royal deer herd. Additionally, due to high coyote and bobcat populations in the area the fence also keeps predators at bay and allows the fawns to reach adulthood. Royal Rack Ranch holds their guides responsible for coaching their hunters to make clean and ethical harvests. We do not hunt over feeders, large bait piles or from vehicles. We hunt the deer as they go about their normal movement patterns from bedding to feed, and back.
  • What happens if I wound an animal and it's not recovered?
    Our guides will assist you in making an ethical shot on a deer, i.e. making sure the deer is comfortable and not on the move or at a distance you are uncomfortable with. We will set you in a location that best suits your hunting abilities and/or comfort levels. In the event an animal is wounded/hit (blood or based on guides judgement) our experienced guides will put in their maximum effort to track that animal, after which if the animal is not recovered the hunt will be deemed final. There will be no refund. Over the following weeks the staff will continue to search for the animal and, if found, it will be shipped to you at the cost of shipping.
  • Is the deposit refundable?
    Given the preparation, scouting and assistance from guides in order to prepare for a royal hunting experience, we do not refund deposits. The only instance when a deposit could be shifted to another year is if a Hunter does not see any animals within the class that he/she booked. Doe - $250 deposit Manager's Hunt / Up to 160" / Up to 190" - $1,500 deposit Up to 220" / Royal Hunt / Elk - $3,000 deposit
  • What is the cancellation policy?
    The deposit is non-refundable. We will work to reschedule hunts (within the same hunt season) for guests who advise Royal Rack Ranch of cancellation 60 days or greater out from the scheduled hunt date.
  • Can we bring alochol? Will there be alcohol available?
    Though not for everyone, celebrating a successful hunt often includes enjoying a refreshing alocholic beverage. We do permit hunters to bring alcohol to the Lodge. However, we will also have a selection of beverages available and should you have a preference you can always advise in advance and we can stock for you (within limits). IMPORTANT: While we enjoy celebrating over a couple drinks WE DO NOT hunt and drink. Any alochol consumption prior to a hunt will automatically and definitely end the hunt for the day. Not only are there liabilities associated with handling weapons while under the influence, it also significantly reduces your chances of a successful harvest and an ethical shot. We appreciate your understanding in advance. Additionally: Drugs (other than medically prescribed) on the premise will automaically lead to a trespass and hunters will be escorted off the property. Deposit and other fees will not be refunded.
  • When is hunting season?
    Hunting season starts in Mid-August and runs through Mid-January. Hunters looking for a velvet buck should aim to book from August or early September
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