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We offer premier whitetail hunts on some of the largest and best laid out property in Michigan, just under 2,000 acres. With the scale of the property, hunters will experience a fair chase opportunity with our expert guides helping them harvest a trophy of a lifetime. Here at Royal Rack Ranch we pride ourselves on the dedication we put into our property and deer herd. We maintain miles of trails and plant premium crops, all for the sake of giving hunters and the hunted the best environment possible.  Hunters will have the choice of hunting box-blinds atop large rolling hills, tree stands in hard wood forests, deep swamps or the edge of open fields. For those looking for spot and stalk hunts, we have you covered as well. For further information please explore the links below

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Royal Rack Ranch is a family owned and operated establishment. The ranch is managed by avid outdoorsmen and hunters, Bryan and Matthew Stevens. This brother team has grown up in the deer woods of Northern Michigan, inheriting the passion for nature and the adrenaline rush of a deer hunt from their father and late grandfather. The two have spent years chasing mature whitetails in Northern Michigan, however given the hunting pressures in these parts the family took it upon themselves to optimize their efforts by introducing a high-fence to their property. Originally started as a family and friends preserve, the brothers realized that it was too good to keep to themselves. With that, the two decided to begin the adventure of creating one of the greatest whitetail hunting preserves in the country. They appreciate a trophy on the wall but more importantly they place higher value on the camaraderie, experience, stories and memories. It is their goal to share those values with you. You will come as a guest but leave as family! 


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Rustic feel with a modern touch


The lodge at Royal Rack Ranch is a one of a kind, modern, hunting destination. With multiple 1400 square foot suites, hunters have the option to socialize or retreat to their own paradise. We invite hunters and their guests to enjoy all the lodge has to offer, including delicious home cooked meals, shuffleboard, pool table, ping pong, and the outdoor patio overlooking the Royal whitetail deer herd.


Great Room for post hunt stories 


Individual suites for entire hunt group


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Please feel free to reach out and contact us with any questions you have regarding hunt details, rates and scheduling. We are here to help you create an experience of a lifetime


RRR Management 


Phone: 989-306-3248


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